The Best Jaw Excerciser Guide

The Best Jaw Excerciser Guide

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Jaw Exercises are becoming one of the most popular new devices in the home mobility and facial fitness space.

But with the advent of mewing and other free alternatives, what do jaw exercisers actually do and are they worth the money?

Let’s fine out.

What are Is Jaw Exercisers

Jaw exercises are a category of products that are designed to improve your jaw line and strengthen your jaw overall.

While over the years, it’s been popular to crack gum or do manual exercises to work out your jaw – lately a variety of exercisers & devices have popped up to help people do this more regularly.

Does Jaw Exercise Work?

Like any body part, your jaw has muscles, and like any muscle – they can be worked out. If you’ve ever chewed through a particularly chewy steak – you probably know this already.

If you do the exercises, you’ll definitely feel your jaw get sore and after doing them enough – you’ll likely ind

However, whether that soreness and/or strength translates into something useful (or even physical transformations) seems to still be up for debate.

Jaw Exerciser Kits

We’re building out an entire review of the best jaw exerciser kits. Coming soon – stay tuned.

Jaw Exercises Ball

Another popular form of jaw exercisers is the jaw exerciser ball. These are small silicone balls designed for you to drive your teeth into throughout the day to strengthen your jaw.

Other Jaw Exercise Resources

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