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What is The Ooler Sleep System?

So what is the Ooler? The cooler is a cooling system for your bed that’s designed to help cool down the temperature of your bed in order to help you sleep better throughout the night.

There’s a control unit you fill with water and a mattress pad that you place on top of your bed, under the fitted sheet. Then, you connect them and select the temperature and the system gets to work – actively cooling your bed down to the temperature set with the water temperature set by the control unit.

Fun fact: the family behind the Ooler system is actually the inventors of the water bed – so they know their stuff when it comes to water and beds!

Pros & Cons of the Ooler Sleep System

Before we get started – there’s some clear pros and cons on the Ooler system.

Ooler Pros

Chili Sleep continues to perform well when it comes to the basic of the cooling system.

  • Almost laughably easy setup
  • Stellar cooling technology
  • Science backed research making it worth your while
  • Syncs with app via bluetooth
  • 30-night trial period.
  • 2-year warranty

Ooler Cons

The main drawbacks to the Ooler system include:

  • Controller system is improved but still sometimes too big.
  • Still requires two controllers for each side of the bed.
  • If you hate white noise, you might not like this.

What Comes with The Ooler Sleep System

When you get the Ooler system – it comes in three parts.

image via Ooler

The Ooler Sleep System Controller

The Ooler sleep system is the main control unit that will power your unit and circulate the water throughout the bed. 

The Ooler Mattress Pad

This is the piece you’ll lay under your fitted sheet and will circulate the water to actually cool down the bed.

The Ooler App

The Ooler app is where you control everything about the Ooler sleep experience. This is a significant step up from the previous technology that Chili Sleep was using.

Unboxing & Setting Up the Ooler System

The unboxing experience seems intimidating. So much so, that I actually put this off for a little bit.

But, when I finally went to work – I found out ti was much easier than I anticipated to get setup.

It took me about 10 minutes to slide the pad on the bed and put my fitted sheet back on while pairing the system with the new app.

The new Ooler controller unit is smaller than the older Chilipad one which means it can fit in better around the bedroom, but my bed is low, so I was still stuck with having it next to my bed instead of under it (it requires about 6” of clearance on all sides to function properly). Sigh – the things we do for a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of an Ooler Sleep System

Besides the things we mentioned that make the Ooler stand out from the Chilipad – there’s a few general benefits Ooler has for improving your sleeping quality overall.

It can help you fall asleep faster

Sleeping at colder temperatures helps your body’s natural temperatures cool down. When this happens – it’s a signal to your body that it’s time for sleep. When you’re hot – this can interfere with the signal and can take you longer to fall asleep.

It can boost your metabolism

Sleeping at colder temperatures forces your body to do more work to maintain it’s core temperature. This means that your body is burning more calories – while you’re asleep. So, you’re burning calories and fat while you sleep – you don’t have to do anything extra!

It can Help You Sleep Deeper

Sleeping at colder temperatures can help you sleep longer and deeper as cooler temperatures encourage your body to produce melatonin naturally which can help you get and stay asleep.

Don’t believe us? Track for yourself with some of our favorite sleep apps or try Rise Science.

Improved Metabolic Response

Sleeping at colder temperatures can induce your body to begin glucose disposal which can help improve your overall metabolic response and prevent risks of future complications – like type 2 daibetes.

Reduces Overall Stress

Sleeping in a colder room can reduce overall stress levels – which is great- who wants to be stressed? Especially while they’re sleeping!

How Much Does an Ooler System Cost?

The Ooler system will cost different prices depending on what setup and what size bed you have. The main distinctions on pricing basically come down to 1) how big is your bed and 2) how much of the bed do you want to cover with the Ooler system?

The latest prices (as of July 2022) are here:

Half Mattress Ooler Prices

Half Queen – $639.20

Half King – $719.20

Half Cal King – $719.20

If you want to do both sides – you’re basically doubling this price point. Note – this just brings you an extra larger pad and an extra unit (similar to the Chilipad that needed a unit for each side).

Full Mattress Ooler Prices

Queen – $1,119.20

King – $1,359.2

Cal King – $1,359.2

There’s quite a range here, but you could spend anywhere from $639 to $1400 – but even if you keep it for 2 years, that’s less than $2/night for better sleep. That’s a pretty decent investment!

You can always start small and upgrade later!

What Are The Ooler System Dimensions

The Ooler system contains three parts with three different dimensions.

Ooler System Controller

The controller unit is 15in x 10in x 6in. If you need a second one, it will take up double the amount of space on the opposite side of the bed, obviously.

image via Ooler

Ooler Pad Dimensions

The cooler pad dimensions are pretty straightforward – they fit whatever size bed you have.

If you’re not sure what you have – here’s a quick reference chart.

Half Queen: 30″ x 80″

Half King: 38″ x 80″

Half Cal King: 36″x 84″

Full Queen: 60″ x 80″

Full King: 76″ x 80″

Full Cal King: 72″ x 84″


Ooler App Dimensions

The app fits in the palm of your hand on your favorite mobile device ;). Easy enough there.

image via Ooler

Ooler’s Review Status

Ooler is currently sitting at 917 reviews at a 4.5 star average. That’s an incredibly positive rating for such a high priced product so it seems that that large majority of customers are by & far happy with the system.

Ooler System Discount Codes

We don’t have any ooler system discount codes available at the moment.

Comparing the Ooler System vs. ChiliPad

We previously reviewed the Chilipad by Chili Sleep here and the Ooler is a marked improvement across the board. It’s really remarkable.

There’s almost no world where I would recommend the Chilipad over the Ooler – it’s that much better.

The Ooler looks cooler

Okay, so this might be superficial and I don’t mind sheer functionality, but there’s something about having your bedroom look like a peaceful place. With the previous system – it never did – almost like a biohacking experiment (and it wasn’t wrong). The Ooler simultaneously looks cooler, more futuristic and homier – and let’s be honest – that kind of matters.

The Ooler Has an App

The app is a gamechanger as it’s a pain in the butt to always have to manually handle the Chilipad. The old remotes seem really old school compared to the updated app feel.

It also lets you be more precise about temperatures, timings and other details that you would have to be more mechanical about on the Chilipad.

The Ooler needs to be refilled less

This is a less exact science, but it personally felt like the Chilipad would always run out of water and I’d have to refill it constantly. Maybe it has to do with living in Texas, but it seems that the Ooler system runs into this problem much, much less often.

FAQ on the Ooler System

Some frequently asked questions about the Ooler – if you’ve been wondering these – you’re not alone!

How do you clean the Ooler?

Pour one packet of the chili system cleaner into the unit you’re cleaning.

Go to device settings in your app and choose “start deep clean.”

This process takes about 45 minutes. When you’re done – you can drain the unit and the pad of water and fill it with water as you normally would.

What is an Ooler?

An Ooler is the new cooling mattress technology system from ChiliSleep. It’s the updated version of their ChilisSleep cooling pad.

How to drain the Ooler?

If you’re going to drain the Ooler – first unplug the 6ft tubes from the Ooler control unit and bring the unit somewhere you can dump the water.

Then, insert the drain key and the water will drain.

How to wash the Ooler pad?

You can was the Ooler in a front loading washing machine. Secure the pad tubes with a band or robe and wash with cold water on delicate.

Dry the pad on a delicate cycle with no heat and make sure it’s dry before setting it back up with the rest of the Ooler system.

How does the Ooler work?

The Ooler system works as a cooling mattress pad system that lays on top ofyour mattress. It cools down the water to the temperature designated in the app and then circulates it to the mattress pad and back to the system to achieve the designated temperature and help you sleep your best.

Is the Ooler system loud?

The Ooler system makes noise similar to a white noise machine, but is significantly quieter than previous generations. Note – there is a rapid function where you can choose to speed up the cooling function – but it will be louder for the short duration of it.

What is the EMF output of the Ooler system?

The EMF output of the Ooler system is low according to official Ooler docs.

Final Thoughts on the Ooler System

The Ooler is definitely a finalist in the best mattress cooling option. It’s in a neck and neck race with 8sleep. 8 Sleep might arguably have the better technology integration, but Ooler seems to have nailed home the on-bed cooling tech (their founder invented the water bed after all).

What I can say without a doubt is that it’s tough to ever go back to sleeping on a regular mattress again. 

Want to take the plunge?

Great Value

The Ooler is one of the OG players in the mattress cooling space. Their Ooler system is one of their best yet.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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