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By Odin’s Ravens! The Odin Plunge made by hand in the land of down under is one of the most beautiful plunges we’ve seen to date – but is it worth the money, the wait time and the shipping? Also, why is such a nordic tub being made in Australia? We have questions!

Luckily – we’ve also done the research and have plenty of answers.


What Is the Odin Plunge?

The odin plunge is a gorgeous hadn’t mad ice bath made in Australia by entrepenreur Jono James. He started the company after becoming obsessed with Wim Hof.

As far as we know – the Odin Plunge is the only cedar tub solution to ice baths on the market and the only ice bath product in Australia. So if you’re looking at those two criteria – you might already have your answer.

If you need to know more – we got you covered there too 🙂

Pros & Cons

  • A cold plunge made for a Norse god
  • Looks incredible & great aesthetic
  • 3 different sizes along with home & commercial versions.
  • Gets as cold as 32ºF / 0ºC
  • Ships from Australia – this is the best option for our friends down under.


  • (Current) long lead time of 2-3 months for delivery
  • Their most expensive option (Dual Pro) gets as expensive as some of the most expensive cold plunges.
  • Takes a few minutes to understand the different options
  • Pricey shipping from Australia for International orders.

How much does the odin plunge cost?

The Odin Plunge pricing can be confusing because there’s 6 different options and the pricing is all in Australian (AUD). Don’t worry – we’ll translate.

The lowest price version goes for $6,900 AUD (approximately $4,780 USD at publishing) and the priciest version will set you back $10,200 AUD ($7070 USD).

So which size plunge is right for you? Let’s break them down.


The Odin Plunge Sizes

There are three sizes of the Odin Plunge

Odin Original $6,900 AUD

The Odin original is for most people and will fit anyone under 6’2”.

Dimensions: 1300L x 1250W x 650H

Odin XL $8,200

This is designed for tall people over 6’2” or anyone who wants more space.

Dimensions: 1600L x 1400W x 650H

Odin Dual $9,200

This is meant to fit 2 people at once.

Dimensions: 1900L x 1600W x 650H

What Is the “Odin Pro” Version?

The “Pro” version of the Odin Plunge are meant for commercial usage. They are able to bring the temperature down to baseline after 10-15 minutes for repeated use. 

The original does the same, but requires long times (45-60 minutes). From a technical specs perspective – the originals have a 1/4 horsepower compressor powering the cooling and the “pros” have a 1/2 horsepower compressor which makes things faster.

The pro option is conveniently only $1,000 AUD extra (This puts the pro level options at:

Odin Plunge Original Pro: $8,200 AUD

Odin Plunge XL Pro: $9,200 AUD

Odin Plunge Dual Pro: $10,200 AUD

There is no dimension difference between the respective sizes and their “pro” counterpart. The only difference is the extra 1/4 power of horsepower.

Odin Plunge Financing

Odin Plunge runs a 50/50 program. This means you pay a 50% deposit and pay the remaining amount when your cold tub is ready for delivery. This is nice as the lead times are currently 10-16 weeks depending on where you’re ordering from.

Odin also offers interest free financing through partners “ZIP” and “HUMM” for Australian customers and plans to offer international customers similar options in the future.

Where to buy the Odin Plunge

You can buy the Odin Plunge directly on their website – https://www.odinplunge.com/

Note – delivery times are currently ranging 2-3 months depending on where you live:

  • Australia / Asia: 10-12 weeks
  • USA/Canada: 12-16 weeks
  • Europe: 12-16 weeks

Odin Plunge discount codes

Don’t say we didn’t ever do anything for you – you can use the promo code “MOVEWELL” to get $200 off any of the various “Odin Plunge” models.


Joel Runyon

Joel is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE and the founder of MoveWell. Joel founded MoveWell after sustaining an injury while running an ultra marathon on every continent. Joel is writes about mobility, pain management and health and wellness overall.