The Best Barrel Saunas in 2024

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The Best Barrel Saunas in 2023

Okay – we get it- you’re a sauna fanatic and want to step up your sauna game by adding one to your backyard.

But – if you’re thinking about an outdoor sauna – have you considered a barrel sauna?

Typically made of wood (usually cedar), these barrel saunas not only look incredible, but they’re going to have you bragging to your neighbors and inviting them over for a soak and a sauna.

So what makes barrel saunas unique, are there specific benefits to it and what are the best ones on the internet? 

Let’s dig in.

What is a Barrel Sauna?

A barrel sauna is usually a kind of outdoor sauna that is – surprise – shaped like a barrel. In some respects it looks like you’re crawling into a humongous wine or whiskey barrel to heat up and sweat out the toxins.

Typically barrel saunas are NOT infrared saunas. They are heating with coals and a traditional Finnish heating method.

Sidenote: Why So Many Barrel Sauna Guides SUCK

When we started researching this guide – we found out that most of the guides to barrel saunas suck.

Why is that?

We dug in and started to discover why so many barrel sauna review sites sucked and looked exactly like each other.


Some barrel saunas you have to buy through a distributor. That makes it tougher to buy & sell them online.

Affiliate Relationships

Most of the good sauna barrel manufacturers don’t offer an affiliate commission. This makes it tough for bloggers to make money off posts like these and because of that – you see a ton of people linking to junk barrel saunas on Costco or Amazon – because they can at least make a commission off that.

We’ve included one of those on this list below – but we share why and it’s not even close to the majority of our list.

We’ve purposely dug up saunas that haven’t made other round ups and dug through the depths of the internet to bring you what we think is truly the best barrel sauna list on the internet.

Lazy Writing

Most of these review sites are not sauna enthusiasts – they’re just good at manipulating google. We’ve spent time analyzing and testing our top picks so you can be sure you add the right sauna investment into your hot and cold therapy.

What’s Not In This Guide

This is a guide to barrel saunas – not other saunas. To qualify for this guide — the sauna needs to be barrel shaped OR at the very least have a half barrel / rounded roof. There are a couple cheeky exceptions – but they’re exactly that – cheeky ;).

If you’re looking for infrared saunas – you’re not going to find them in this guide. Check out this infrared sauna guide instead.

If you’re looking for cool outdoor saunas that are not necessarily barrel-shaped – check these out.

If you want a great cold plunge to go with your barrel sauna – check out our buyer’s guide here.

Okay – now with those caveats out of the way – let’s dive in.

The Best Barrel Saunas You Can Buy in 2024

I think you’re going to love these barrel sauna picks. Let’s jump in.

Thermory 4 Person Sauna

Price: 5,480

Fits: 4 people

Fits: 6”3 x 6” x 4”9”

Weighs: 1400lbs

We love the cool look of these saunas. The way they sell these are a little odd as they group the same sauna with two different model numbers.

Don’t worry – it’s not as confusing as it sounds. The difference between models 54 + 55 are one has a window and the other does not.

Buy Thermory Here

BZB 4 Person Barrel Sauna W20

Price: 5,890

Fits: 4 people

Fits: 6’8” x 6”6’ x 7”

Weighs: 1400lbs

Buy This Barrel Sauna Here

Iglucraft Sauna

Price: 11,000

Fits: 4 people

Fits: 2.53m x 2.4m x 2.4m

Weighs: 900kg

Does this count as a barrel sauna? We think this counts as a half barrel sauna at least.

For what it lacks in barrel – it makes up in full on sexiness. Seriously – these things are absolutely gorgeous.

But don’t tell anyone – we want to be the only ones on the block with this in our backyard.

Buy Iglucraft Barrel Sauna

Almost Heaven

Price: $3,900

Fits: 2 people

Fits: 6” x 4”

Weighs: 540lbs

Delivery: 10-12 weeks

Style: Barrel Sauna Kit

Some of the most popular barrel saunas on the market – the almost heaven 2 person here is great for getting a quick sweat in without breaking the budget.

Keep in mind – with the barrel sauna kits – you’re going to have to break a sweat a little yourself putting it together in the first place!

Buy Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna

Cedar Barrel Suana – 12 Foot

Price: 6,999

Fits: 4 people

Fits: 83 3/4” x 65” x 143”

Weighs: 1400lbs

Delivery: 10-12 weeks

Buy the 12 foot Cedar Barrel

RedWood Sauna – Scenic Vista

Price: 6,999

Fits: 6-8 people

Fits: 82 3/4” x 82 3/4” x 63”

Weighs: 1400lbs

Delivery: 10-12 weeks

Buy Redwood Sauna Scenic Vista 4 Person

Clear Cedar Barrel Sauna


Fits: 6-8 people

Fits: 6’ x 6’

Weighs: 1400lbs

Delivery: See a manufacturer dealer

[Buy Clear Cedar Barrel Sauna]

Dundalk 3 Person Barrel Sauna (Cube)

Price: 6,945

Fits: 3 people

Fits: 2m x 2m

Weighs: ???

Delivery: 8-12 weeks

Buy Dundalk 3 Person Barrel Sauna

Keweenaw Saunas

Price: Ask Tammy

Fits: Ask Tammy

Size: Ask Tammy

Weighs: Ask Tammy

Delivery: Ask Tammy

We love these saunas. THey’re hand made by northern Michigan but the details on their site are sparse. If you’re looking for answers – you gotta call up Tammy (tell her we say hey).

We gotta say – we love the saunas – and the mystery here – but they could make it easier for us to buy :).

Buy Keweenaw Saunas

The Sauna Guys – 4 Person Sauna

Price: 4,400

Fits: 4 people

Fits: 6” x 6”

Weighs: ???

Delivery: 8-12 weeks

Type: Preassembled Barrel Sauna

Buy at the Sauna Guys

Barrel Sauna FAQs

Some questions we’ve been consistently asked about barrel saunas.

How to Build a Barrel Sauna?

Most barrel saunas come either pre-assmebled or as “kits.” While you could technically fully construct a barrel sauna on your own – most of the kits that require some assembly will give you the satisfaction of building something on your own while keeping you from the frustration of figuring it all out on your own.

How Much is a Barrel Sauna?

Barrel Saunas range in prices, but you can expect to spend at least $4,000 on a barrel sauna and possibly up to $20,000 depending on how large and how decked out of a sauna you want to make. The possibilities are endless.

How to DIY a Barrel Sauna

For reasons we need more time to explain, we do not recommend this.

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Photo by Gleb Albovsky on Unsplash

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