The Best Kneeling Chairs In 2023

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The Best Kneeling Chairs In 2023

The 7 Best Kneeling Chairs To Help Work From Home

If you’re like us – spending hours at home post-pandemic – finding your work from home scenario needs an ugprade – you might have heard about kneeling chairs.

Similar to other ergonomic products like standing desks and balance boards – kneeling chairs have blown up the past few years.

But how do they work and what are the best ones for your money? Let’s fine out.

Why You Might Want A Kneeling Chair

If you’re working at home for 4-8 hours/day, you’re bound to have felt it. Many people suffer from back pain or tight hip flexors and don’t know what to do about it.

One of the best things you can do is upgrade your office chair and desk setup – or alternatively – ditch the traditional chair altogether.

That’s where kneeling chairs come in.

Kneeling chairs aims o alleviate the stress on your lower back and hips by changing the posture yoru body sits in all day. Like it might sound – in these chairs – instead of sitting – you’re kneeling.

Types of Kneeling Chairs

There’s several types of kneeling chairs – the three main types include:

The 7 Best Kneeling Chairs For Your Lifestyle

Luckily – we’ve done the work on your kneeling chairs overview. Here’s our top kneeling chairs and how they stack up to the competition.

TLDR: The Best Kneeling Chairs Overview

If you’re too busy to read the full article-here’s a quick run-down.

  • Best Overall Kneeling Chair: Sleekfrom Austin
  • Best $$$ Kneeling Chair: Varier Balans
  • Best Budget Kneeling Chair: Flash Furniture
  • Best Kneeling Chair with Back Support: Varier Multi Balans

So without further ado – let’s jump into our top picks!

The Best Kneeling Chair Overall: Sleekform Austin:

Best For: Overall Use

Price: $230


The Best High End Kneeling Chair: Fully Balans

Price:  $399


If you’re looking for a kneeling chair that lest you kick back and relax – literally – this is it.

While it’s got a back brace built in – this chair is designed to let you lean back, stretch and still have a bit of brace – more so than any other item on the list.

Note – it’s easily the pricest chair on the list – so make sure you’ve got the budget for it – although if you’re sitting it in every day – you might as well like it!

The Best Budget Kneeling Chair on Amazon: Flash Furniture

Price: $86

The flash furniture kneeling desk is a one of the highest reviewed amazon items on the list. While not particularly worth writing home about visually – it hits a great price between affordability and looks and is a great entry model if you’re looking to start out with kneeling chairs for the first time.


The European Take on the Balans: Varier Balans

Price: $379

The varier take on the baluns – this gentle rocking is custom made in Europe and is not just another Ikea knockoff. 

Maybe one of the earliest kneeling chairs ever made – 1979 – the Varier Balans hits all the right notes – well made, long-lasting and great looking. 

With four fabric options and two wood choices – you can make the varier your own.

The Fully Tic Tocs Balans

Price: $399


Similar to the Fully Balans – this Tic Toc is a similar design minus the back brace. Again – Fully brings the most expensive chairs on the market – so be wary with your budget, but they live up to the hype. The legs are also not wobbling so you have more stability throughout your day.

If you want the best of the best – this is it.

The Best Mid-Range Kneeling Chair: Predawn

Price: $149


The #1 amazon seller for kneeling chairs – this checks in at a $149 sweet spot. Pricey enough to last without blowing thorough your budget and making your wallet cry.

We think this kneeling chair is moderately attractive but 

If you’re looking for a workhorse of a kneeling chair – you found your Huckabee.

Budget kneeling Chair Runner Up: Emma + Oliver

Price: $98


Clocking in at under $100 and buyable off Amazon – this checks a bunch of boxes for us. The design is clean and simple – and isn’t necessarily a standout – but if you’re looking to dip your toes into the kneeling chair market without blowing out your budget –

If you like this – you can always upgrade and hand this to someone else to drink the kneeling chair kool-aid and kick off their ergnomic journey.

FWIW – this looks nearly identical to the flash furniture item above.

The Best Kneeling Chair with Back Support

Varier Multi Balans

Best For: Kneeling Chairs with Back Support
Price: $598

A slight variance from the standard baluns, you notably get more knee support and two legs that sit squarely on the ground. If you want to stay in one place – this not only gives you a solid sitting angle with less pressure on your hips – but you don’t have to worry about the wobble or rocking of a standard balans chair.

Like the other Varier’s these are custom made and lead times are up to 12 weeks (major downside in our opinion).

But if you can make the wait and if you are not price sensitive – this is the Lamborghini of kneeling chairs. Like your sports vehicle – choose yoru color wisely.


Kneeling Chair FAQ

Some common questions we’ve often gotten about kneeling chairs.

Are Kneeling Chairs Good For you?

Like most things – choosing a kneeling chair comes down to personal preference. While kneeling chairs can relieve back pain for plenty of people – not all people find them comfortable or helpful. It’s best to find out for yourself.

Are there kneeling chairs with back support?

Yes – while most kneeling chairs are back-free, there are several ones listed above that come with back support.

How Do Kneeling Chairs Work?

Kneeling chair are an ergonomic chair solution that allows you to “kneel” at your desk while relieving pressure off your back in a traditional chair would. You can see a visual demonstration of how it works here.

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