This 30 second routine keeps your back pain free all day

Lower Back Stretches

written by
Joel Runyon
last updated
June 24, 2021

Feel that pain in your lower back? The scientific term for it is lumbago, but you're probably feeling it because you're sitting down all day. Whether you're new to remote work or you're a veteran - having good posture at work and home is essential if you're going to feel your best.

We've compiled a list of our favorite lower back stretches to help you work out the pain and feel better.

If you're feeling like you need coverage across your entire back, check our our back stretches page as well.

Joel Runyon
written by
Joel Runyon

Joel is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE and the founder of MoveWell. Joel founded MoveWell after sustaining an injury while running an ultra marathon on every continent. Joel is writes about mobility, pain management and health and wellness overall.

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Our Favorite Lower Back Stretches

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