The Best Sleep Drinks of 2023

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The 7 Best Cold Plunges You Can Buy in 2023

If you’re looking for a sleep drink to help you doze off to sleep this year despite what’s going on in the world – look no further.

In this article – we’re covering the best sleep drinks of the year- taste tested and all – so you don’t have to. No more wondering if you’re spending all your hard earned money in the right space – instead just relax and let yourself wind down for bed.

Sleep drinks are our sleep recovery format of choice because they make for a perfect evening drink without screwing up your circadian cycle. 

Also – depending on the drink – you can drink it with more or less water (or even a shot) – which is useful for people who don’t always want to drink 8oz of water before they go to bed.

So which sleep drinks are worth your time? Let’s jump in:

Impossible Sleep

Impossible Sleep is a performance sleep product that’s aimed at high performers and elite athletes.

If you’ve struggled with your sleep – you might find this helpful.

The sleep cocktail has two primary ingredients:

  • Magnesium – to promote deep sleep + muscle recovery
  • L-Theanine – to help turn off your brain and help you wind down for bed.

The drink mix is a nice tasty wind-down drink that helps with habit cues and lets your body know that it’s time for you to rest.

This is also the only drink on the market (that we know about) that fits the Andrew Huberman sleep cocktail protocol closely.

While it’s a relatively new product on the market – it already has dozens and dozens of reviews and is beginning to be wildly popular. 

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Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is an incredibly popular nighttime sleep drink. Made from the plant – chamomile – the tea is largely herbal based and smells floral-y.

Chamomile tea has been used for (hundreds?) of years to help people calm down and fall asleep and is still used widely today.

The primary component in chamomile is apigenin. This is an anti-anxiety compound and 

Some people do not like to take apigenin or related compounds due to the fact that it has some interactions with the prostate for men – but that continues to require more research.

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Natural Calm

Natural calm is the OG sleep drink mix. However, this mix is sometimes used as a laxative so be careful exactly how much of it you decide to dose with.

While the magnesium power is a solid alternative, it’s not the best solution for falling asleep. Magnesium can help promote recovery, but does not necessarily help with winding down at the end of the night.

If the wind down is your struggle, you might have better luck with the other options above.

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