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What is Morozko Forge?

Morozko Forge is a specific ice bath / cold plunge brand that designs tubs that are designed to get as cold as humanly possible.

How Cold Does Morozko Forge Get?

The morozko forge gets cold – like ice cold. Seriously – it can make it’s own ice.

According to the Morozko site:

A digital controller allows you to set a constant water temperature as low as 33F, even when surrounding temperatures are as high as 110F.  During winter, weather protection will keep Filtered Forge from freezing at temperatures as low as 0F for up to 12 hours (when filtration is running).


Pros & Cons of the Morozko Forge

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How Much Does The Morozko Forge Cost?

The standard Morozko Forge comes in three sizes and all cost different prices listed below. Be prepared to spend around $10,000 in order to get one of these beasts into your home.

Morozko Forge 4ft: $9,200

Morozko Forge 5ft: $9,550

Morozko Forge 6ft: $9,900

The Prism Forge: The Morozko Cold Tub for Businesses

There’s a version of the Morozko Forge that’s built for business use called the “Prism Forge.” This is meant specifically for business use with cryotherapy centers.

It comes in approximately 2x the cost of a standard Morozko Forge and will start you at $19,500.

Specific sizing prices are below:

Morozko Forge Prism 60″: $19,500

Morozko Forge Prism 66″: $19,700

Morozko Forge Prism 70″: $19,900

Where to buy the Morozko Forge

You can buy the Morozko Forge here

Morozko Forge

The Morozko Forge is the cold plunge for the hard core. One of the original players in the space - they make a cold plunge that can actually make it's own ice. No lukewarm water here. That said - it comes at a price - as this is solidly one of the more expensive cold plunge options we've seen.

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Morozko Forge Discounts

We’ll share any discounts we find on Morozko Here.

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