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The Best Outdoor Saunas in 2023

Updated on:
January 17, 2023
Joel Runyon

One of the best things you can do in your health is Sauna. We’re not going to dive into why we love saunas so much here or how to build your own sauna, but if you’re looking for either a pre-built outdoor sauna or one with “some assembly required” - you’re in the right space.

All of these options are a great addition to your backyard, so let’s take a look at what’s taking over the sauna world in 2023.

The Best Outdoor Saunas of 2023

First things first, we’re not ranking the best saunas here. Instead, what we’re trying to do in this guide is give you the best options for your situation. So - throughout this - you’ll see the best type of sauna for what you’re looking for. Got it? Cool. Let’s get started:

The Best Outdoor Saunas Overview

If you’re wanting a quick overview, here’s our picks:

  • Overall Outdoor Sauna Pick: Iglucraft
  • Best Minimalistic Outdoor Sauna: Backcountry Hut
  • Best Redwood Sauna: Scenic Vista
  • Classy & Futuristic Outdoor Sauna: Heartwood Aire X
  • Outdoor Barrel Sauna: Almost Heaven
  • Cabin Outdoor Sauna: Heartwood Vapor
  • Panoramic Outdoor Sauna: Dundalk
  • Indoor / Outdoor Sauna: Stenal Forest
  • DIY Outdoor Sauna Plans: Den

Our Overall Pick: Iglucraft

To be honest, we don’t even want to share these guys because they make everything look so damn cool that we don’t want them to get too popular.

But - to be honest - they are just that. Really freaking cool. With outdoor saunas and sauna cabins that look like you’ve teleported to Iceland - these are going to stand out in your backyard.

image via Iglucraft Saunas

Iglucraft Outdoor Sauna Details

Color: Hazel, Chestnut & Ebony

Materials: Wood

Size: 2.3m x 2.4m x 2.4m

Capacity: Up to 4 people

Cost: Starting at € 11,000 plus transport

Upgrades Available: Yes

Larger Sizes Available: Yes, up to 6 people

Buy Your Iglucraft Outdoor Sauna Here

The Best Future Minimalist Outdoor Sauna: Backcountry Hut 

The Backcountry Hut company outdoor saunas look like what you’d get if you mashed up a Getaway House build with a minimalist design that looks straight out of the movie Ex Machina.

Delivered pre-built and intact, this 8’x10’ unit is a great addition to your lot and makes you feel like Tony Stark getting his daily detox.

image via backcountry hut

Backcountry Hut Company Outdoor Sauna Details

Color: Black and Cedar

Materials: Cedar

Size: 8’x10’

Capacity: 6

Cost: $44,900 CAD 

Upgrades Available: No

Larger Sizes Available: No

Buy the System S Outdoor Sauna from Backcountry Hut here

Best Redwood Sauna: Scenic Vista

This is both the coolest redwood style sauna we’ve seen and one of the top barrel saunas that will work outdoors for ya (we’ll save the best one for later on in this article).

The Scenic Vista from Redwood outdoors is not only gorgeous but a (relatively) affordable option as these prices for saunas just seems to go up and up. 

You can add this anywhere and it not only looks classy and timeless, but you’ll feel bad NOT using it.

image via Redwood Outdoors

Redwood Outdoor Sauna Details

Color: Wood

Materials: Spruce

Size: 82 3/4” x 82 3/4”

Capacity: 3-4 people

Cost: $6,499

Upgrades Available: Yes

Larger Sizes Available: Yes

Buy Redwood Outdoor Saunas Here

Best Classy & Futuristic Sauna: Aire X

If we had a cabin on a lake, we’d put this Aire X right next to it. The perfect addition for any remote forest sauna session - this is both classy and futuristic. 

Fitting up to 10 people, this unit has 2 layers of benches and is absolutely gorgeous inside and out and will fit perfectly on your property - wherever you decide to put it.

image via Aire X

Aire X Outdoor Sauna Details

Color: Black + Cedar

Materials: Cedar

Size: 4.5m x 2.4m x 2.7m

Capacity: 10 people

Cost: £47,000+ VAT

Upgrades Available: No

Larger Sizes Available: No

Buy Aire X Sauna Here

Best Barrel Sauna - Almost Heaven

A classic and timeless barrel sauna option for your backyard that won’t break your budget. As reasonably priced as they come - it’s both understated and timeless. This means that you’ll also be able to make it look good - whether that’s in your suburban neighborhood or in the middle of the woods.

With some assembly required - you’ll receive the sauna in a package and then need to put it together yourself. 

image via Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna Details

Color: Cedar or Fir

Materials: Cedar

Size: 72” x 72” x 77”

Capacity: 2-4 people

Cost: $4,973+ 

Upgrades Available: Yes

Larger Sizes Available: Yes

Buy Almost Heaven Outdoor Saunas here

For more details on our in-depth barrel sauna comparison out our barrel sauna guide here.

Best Cabin Outdoor Sauna: Heartwood Vapor

We fell in love with these outdoor cabin saunas when we discovered them. Not only do they look like incredible little rustic cabins on your property - but then you have the space and views from inside that are like nothing else on this list.

If you’ve got a bit more space on your property - this is a great mini-addition to your house and might even make you want to move in full time :).

Delivered in one piece.

image via Heartwood Vapor

Heartwood Vapor Outdoor Sauna Cabin Details

Color: Wood

Materials: Cedar

Size: 3m x 26m x 2.8m

Capacity: 4 people

Cost: £28,000 + VAT

Upgrades Available: Yes

Larger Sizes Available: No

Buy your Heartwood Vapor outdoor sauna cabin

Best Panoramic Outdoor Sauna: Dundalk

If you’re looking for a sauna with a view - you’ve found it. With a fish eye lens on one end, if you position this towards anything with a view (the mountains, a lake, etc), you’re going to want to spend time in the sauna just to enjoy the view. 

While similar to other barrel saunas out there, the huge window at the end makes this stand out both on your property and in your experience inside.

Kick back with a cold water and electrolytes, turn up the heat and enjoy the view.

image via Dundalk Saunas

Dundalk Outdoor Sauna Details

Color: Cedar & Glass

Materials: Cedar

Size: 76” x 6’

Capacity: 4 people

Cost: Starting at $4,000

Upgrades Available: Yes

Larger Sizes Available

Buy Dundalk Saunas here

Best Indoor / Outdoor Sauna: Stenal Forest

The Stenal forest looks like if you took a traditional indoor infrared sauna, kept all the cool gadgets, added coal heating and then took it outside. Simply put - it’s awesome.

Stacked with bluetooth connections for music and control, you definitely are a bit more tech-focused with this sauna than others on the list. That said, if you’re wanting to merge new school tech with old school sauna-ing - the Stenal is your pick.

image via Stenal Outdoor Saunas

Stenal Forest Outdoor Sauna Details

Color: Wood

Materials: Wood

Size: ??

Capacity: 4 people

Cost: Contact for details

Upgrades Available: Yes

Larger Sizes Available: Unclear

Buy Stenal Outdoor Sauna Here

Best Outdoor Sauna For The Woods: Nomad Forest Sauna

This sauna makes us want to move to the forest, or the mountains: now. It just looks super cool.

Reminiscent of a lost cabin in the woods, the nomad forest sauna is a great addition if you have any sort of wilderness around you. Tap into your viking roots (or just become Finnish for the day) and enjoy your awesome new outdoor forest sauna. There’s nothing else like it.

image via Nomad Forest

Nomad Forest Sauna Details

Color: Black & Cedar

Materials: Wood

Size: 6m x 6m

Capacity: 4 person

Cost: Contact for Details

Upgrades Available: No

Larger Sizes Available: No.

Buy Out of the Valley Sauna Here

DIY Outdoor Sauna

If you’re looking to save money, you can always go ahead and build your own sauna. While this can be more involved - for the right person with the right skillset, you can save a ton of money and have a bit of fun with it. Plus, there’s nothing like saying you built your own sauna.

The Best DIY Sauna Manufacturer: Den

Den - unlike the options provided above - does not provide materials or construction - just the plans. 

That said, at about 1/10th to 1/20th of the price of the other options on the list - this could be a great option if you’re budget conscious.

DIY Sauna Manufacturer Details

Color: Your choice

Materials: Wooden - You Supply

Capacity: 2-4


Cost: $200

Upgrades Available: Yes

Larger Sizes Available: Yes

Buy your Den outdoor sauna plans here

Custom Outdoor Saunas

If you’re looking for a custom outdoor sauna, there are several companies that will help you design and create your own personalized sauna that’s 100% unique to just you.

Here’s our top 3 custom outdoor sauna designers

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