What Is Lumbago?

September 16, 2019
Joel Runyon

If you’re researching Lumbago right now, it’s probably a major pain in the back right now. Whether you heard the term from your doctor or a friend, it’s time for some straight talk on what exactly lumbago is, how long it lasts and the best way to treat it.

Let’s get started.

Lumbago Definition:

Lumbago is defined as pain in the muscles and joints of the lower back. It can affect up to 80% of adults. The causes and symptoms may vary, but many tend to be posture and work related.

What Causes Lumbago?

No one knows for sure what causes lumbago, but it is quite a common experience for many people. Whether from a slipped disc, osteoporosis, or another manner, most of the time it’s because the muscles in the area have weakened in one way or another.

For many people with lumbago, they can treat it through physical therapy and through many routines and movements found in MoveWell.

Symptoms of Lumbago

Lumbago comes with a variety of symptoms. You may or may not have all these symptoms to be diagnosed with Lumbago, but if you do - see your doctor.

  • Muscle spasms
  • Aching
  • Stiffness of the lower back
  • Soreness and sensitivity.
  • Trouble walking
  • Pain moving throughout your lower extremities.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should start treatment immediately.

What You Can Do To Prevent Lumbago

As the saying goes, prevention is the best cure. Here's what you can do to help prevent dealing with lumbago (or making it worse if you already have it).

  • Regularly exercise and build muscle.
  • Consider a paleo or keto diet to get into your target weight range to prevent straining your back unnecessarily.
  • Work on improving your posture while working and walking
  • Avoid lifting heavy without proper form if you're not experienced at.
  • Maintain good form and user correct body mechanics when lifting heavy everyday objects.
  • Make sure you regularly stretch your glutes and stretch your quads to alleviate pressure on your lower back.
  • Do a MoveWell Routine daily to improve strength and flexibility, and range of motion.

While none of these guarantee you won't experience lumbago - they will greatly increase your chance of building a stronger body that can help prevent it.

How To Treat Lumbago

In addition to all the lumbago prevention tips we jsut mentioned, there's a variety of treatment options for lumbago as well.

  • anti-inflammatories for temporary pain relief
  • hot or cold compresses
  • A regular routine of gentle stretches
  • Yoga or MoveWell routines to improve flexibility and strength
  • Acupuncture
  • chiropractic & spinal manipulation
  • physical therapy
  • Back surgery (although there can be major complications with this)

The best option for Lumbago is to prevent it from every happening and build a strong body that won't experience it.

Does Lumbago Ever Go Away?

While it’s tough to say that Lumbago may or may not ever go away, the good news is that if it’s simply discomfort, you can usually treat it with mobility and movement exercises.

Other Lumabago Research + Resources

Other lumbago research and helpful links you might find include:

Joel Runyon

Joel is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE and the founder of MoveWell.

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