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The plunge is our pick for the best all around cold plunge. Sure, there are cheaper options and more expensive options, but for most people – this hits the sweet spot – right smack in the middle between affordability and style.

So who is this best for? Let’s dive in.

The Plunge


  • Great mix of affordability and style.
  • Multiple sizes for larger bodies.
  • One of the best looking “affordable” cold plunges we’ve seen.
  • Revolutionized the cold plunge space


  • Starting price at $5k makes this a significant investment.
  • Spa-aesthetic may not work for everyone.
  • Like other self-cleaning plunges – this requires *some* maintenance.

The Backstory

For a long time in the cold plunge world – self cooling, self-cleaning cold plunges cost $10k+. They were cool as hell, but meant for industrial/gym uses and priced out of most people’s budget.

But, during the pandemic – everything chnaged.

How much Does the Plunge Cost?

The Plunge has two options:

The Original Plunge – $4,990 USD

The original plunge is designed to be easy and convenient and a great addition to your yard or recovery space. Fitting most people – this is best suited for anyone under 6 foot.

Dimensions: 67 x 24 x 31.5

The Plunge XL – $6,990 USD

The plunge XL takes this to the next level. Designed for bigger individuals – the XL can accommodate people over 6 foot with extra length, width, and height.

Dimensions: 73 x 27 x 32.5

The Review

If you’re on the fence and want to get a cold plunge that just works – and you have a reasonable budget in the $5k range – this is our no-brainer pick.

Where to buy The Plunge

You can buy the plunge online directly at their site. Just use the link below.

Best Overall Cold Plunge
The Plunge

The plunge is our go to cold plunge pick - coming in right under $5k - it's the perfect mix of spa aesthetic, cold plunge badassery, and affordability. If you're looking for your in-home cold plunge - this is it!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Plunge Discount Codes

We don’t know of any discount codes for the plunge immediately.

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Joel Runyon

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