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Polar Monkeys is a new player in the cold plunge and ice bath space. And, we have to say – we thought this might just be yet another cold plunge company – but they managed to put a new and cool twist on their product, brand and the space.

They have 2 of the most interesting new additions to the cold plunge space and are definitely worth a look if you’re considering spending between $2k and $6k on a cold plunge.

So what makes them special? Let’s break them down:

Polar Monkeys Pros & Cons

Here’s why they may or may not be for you:


  • Wide range of options
  • Most artistic cold plunge company
  • Reasonable price range for quality
  • The brain pod is one of the coolest ones we’ve seen.


  • The lower end needs the upgrade
  • The “nicest” option is not as nice as other brands.
  • Some people won’t like the art.

Polar Monkeys Review

What Makes Polar Monkeys Different?

While some cold plunge companies steer into the spa aesthetic, the gritty aesthetic or the crazy high-end – Polar Monkeys tends to straddle all 3 of them.

They are decidedly the most “cool” in a funky Austin, Texas way about them. This might be an automatic no for some people, but in a world of cold plunges that are increasingly becoming more and more similar, it’s refreshing that Polar Monkeys has their own distinctive style.

Just take a look at their gallery of cold plunge art.

Which Polar Monkey Cold Plunge is Right For Me?

One of the unique things about Polar Monkeys is the range of options they have. Most cold plunge companies pick a price range and stick to it. Polar Monkeys has something for everyone.

The Portal: The budget pick – $2,690.00

We have to give them credit. With this option – Polar Monkey managed to come up with the cheapest self-cleaning, self-cooling system we’ve seen that doesn’t look like junk.

While it’s nothing incredibly fancy (you can probably DIY something similar yourself if you can find a chiller), the custom design along with the done-for-you aspect – makes this a super nice option for under $3k.

This was the one we got our hands on and found that it did the trick – even during the hot Austin summers.

The design is cool – even if the trough style is something that’s been standard around Austin aesthetic for a while – so it still looks fresh. The fact that it cleans and cools itself means we don’t need 100 pounds of ice every time we want to cool down.

[lasso ref=”the-portal” id=”1333″ link_id=”1001″]

The Brain Pod – the nice pick – $4,090.00

Honestly – out of all the Polar Monkeys – this is the one we wish we could have gotten our hands on. At $4k – this is a super reasonable price and probably has the most unique look of anything in this price range.

While some others skew more industrial to contrast against the Plunge’s spa look – this somehow gives an entirely new look while still feeling upscale.

Honestly – we want to find one in the wild and test it out -but if it’s as durable and cool as it looks – this might sneak under the Plunge and make it our pick for the best cold plunge in the 4k-6k range!

[lasso ref=”thebrainpod” id=”1365″ link_id=”1002″]

The Star Treatment – Baller Pick – $12,900.00

This is their super-high-end pick. While we do like the brand and this seems like a nice addition to the range – I’m not sure it competes directly with Blue Cube or Renu Therapy who focus almost exclusively on the super-high end ranger here.

If you’re spending 5-figures on a plunge – you better be sure you like it – so see if there’s one near you that you can test out before dropping this level of cash on one of these guys.

They do look pretty sweet though :).

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Where to Buy The Polar Monkey Cold Plunge

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Quick Info on Polar Monkeys

  • Brand: Polar Monkeys
  • Based: Miami, FL
  • Price Range: $2k-$12k

Alternatives to the Polar Monkey Cold Plunge

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