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Blue Cube Ice Baths is a cold plunge company solidly positioned at the very top-end of the cold plunging market. If you’re looking to cold plunge and spend some money – you’re going to want to look at these guys as they make some of the best cold plunges money can buy.

What is Blue Cube?

Blue Cube Ice Baths are a high end series of cold plunges and ice baths that are self-cleaning and self-cooling for both home and gym use.

These are some of the most expensive cold plunges we’ve seen in our comprehensive cold plunge lineup, but they’re also some of the most beautiful ones on the market.

Want to know if they’re worth buying? Let’s check it out.

Pros & Cons of Blue Cube

When you’re talking about products in this price range, you need to make sure you’re spending your hard earned money well.

Here’s how the Blue Cube stacks up.


  • Absolutely gorgeous cold plunge units
  • Self contained (the unit hides the cooling tech better than others we’ve seen).
  • Some of the best cold plunges we’ve seen (if you have the money)


  • One of the most expensive options on the market
  • Bigger than other cold plunge options

How Much Does Blue Cube Cost?

Blue Cube has several version of their technology. They all vary based on the usage – commercial vs. residential – and the size. Here’s the breakdown of their current lineup – as of 2023.

The Mini Mi Cube is and costs $15,999.99

The Malibu version is nearly 10,000 more to start with

You can also get a 6 foot version of the Malibue instead of the 56 (5 foot, 6 inch) version.

The Malibu version is nearly 10,000 more to start with and comes in at $26,999.99

The stainless steel version costs $30,999.99 (in our opinion, we think this looks visually worse than the other options).

You can also get a 6 foot version of the Malibue instead of the 56 (5 foot, 6 inch) version for $33,999.99

There are two more residential focused cold plunges that are actually tougher to find on their site.

The CoreChill 5 is a residential cold plunge that looks fantastic. It will run you $10,499.99 – a cost much more in line with what we typically see on high end col plunges.

They also offer a BlueCube In-Line 46 version which runs $18,999.99 and is similar to the Morozko Forge version.

Where Can You Buy The Blue Cube?

You can buy Blue Cubes directly on their website.

High End
Blue Cube

Blue Cube makes some of the nicest ice baths on the planet. Commercial grade with the looks to match - these puppies are the best of the best - but come with a price tag to match. if you're looking for the top of the line - this is it!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

→ Buy a Blue Cube Ice Bath here

Discounts on the Blue Cube Ice Bath

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