Looksmax: How To Get Started

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Looksmax: How To Get Started

So you’ve heard about looksmaxing, have you? Well, welcome to the rabbit hole. Let’s see how far this thing goes (while trying to keep you fit as hell and moving great).

What Is LooksMaxing?

Looksmaxxing is the process of improving your appearance. Any attempt (from simple showering and grooming) to full-on surgery would be considered looksmaxxing – depending on the community that you engage with.

Women engage in looksmaxxing often (with makeup and hair/skin routines), but looksmaxxing has taken ground with young men who want to better themselves and improve the way they show up on a day to day basis.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Very quickly – there are aspects of looksmaxxing that involve PEDs and Surgery. We won’t go into those in this guide. All of these are considered relatively natural ways to looksmax so if you want to get started – please consider this a beginner’s guide.

If you want to do something more advanced, please let me know and we’ll consider it for future articles?


30% of the US population is considered medically obese. Over 60% is considered overweight. Strictly speaking – statistically, you can join the top 40% of the population by not being overweight.

All these other items are nice, but it all starts with fitness in our opinion and getting to a sub 20% body fat as a man will do wonders for everything from your fitness, to health to your posture and even your fashion.


When you’re presenting yourself, you immediately signal your stance via your posture. Poor posture signals poor self confidence and no maxxing in the world can make up for that.

If you want to start by improving your posture – begin here.


Again – coming back to fitness – nutrition is a key component. If you have not dialed this in, your efforts may go in vain. For many people, a simple keto or paleo diet may be enough.

If you need help, grab a simple meal planning app to get your diet under control. No matter how much you workout, you can’t outwork a bad diet, so

When it comes to other items like skin, nails and hair – proper nutrition can become even more important – so please don’t skimp on it. Entire skin and autoimmune issues can disappear completely with the proper nutrition protocol.


Your face may be the first thing people notice about you.

Now – if it hasn’t already been said – the actual shape of your face can change drastically based on your body fat percentage, so again – the number one thing to focus on here is your diet and nutrition. Getting to sub 20% body fat may do more for looksmaxxing your face than the rest of these items combined.

That said – when you’re ready – here’s how you take your face to a 10.


Mewing is a simple, free way to transform your jawline, improve your mouth posture, breathing and overall face. We cover this extensively here (complete with video and infographic guide) so check out the full details on mewing here.


We’ll continue to fill this out, but in the meantime – check out our friends at BeardBrand on their epic series of bearding resources.


If you want to promote hair growth, one of the best tested ways to do it is to combine derma rolling and minoxidil treatments.

We’ll be filling this out in the future. In the meantime, just read Derek’s GOAT guide on hair.

Read our entire guide on the benefits of dermarolling and check out our favorite derma roller guide – the derminator 2.0.


Floss. For God’s sake floss. You’re not a teenager anymore. And yes, I know your gums bleed when you floss precisely because…wait for it…don’t floss.

And, it goes without saying – you should be brushing your teeth twice a day. Simple, we know – but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that still don’t do this.

If you’re putting in the work to do the rest of looksmax – the least (and we mean the least) you can do is take care of your teeth.

Lock these two in before getting into teeth whitening, dentistry or orthodontics.


Confidence & Mentality

The quiet secret that most people won’t tell you about looksmaxxing is that the hidden ingredient is confidence. While you can always be a work in progress, the confidence that you carry with yourself throughout the day and the mentality that you take to improving yourself little by little every day can often be the most attractive characteristic you can build.

The best part is that this doesn’t take months of practice – you can start being a little more confident each day. Carrying yourself with more confidence improves your posture, makes you feel better and motivates you to stay on the path and get better and better.

If you need a few books to keep the motivation strong, here’s a few we recommend to start strengthing your mentality.

  1. Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins
  2. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink
  3. Spartan Up by Joe De Sena
  4. 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson

Additional Looksmax Resources

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/selfimprovement/comments/3be842/unconventional_and_relatively_cheap_ways_to/
  2. https://onpointfresh.com/looksmaxing-guide-men/

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