The Derminator 2.0

The Derminator 2.0 Review: Is it worth the money and the hassle?

Joel Runyon

What is the Derminator?

The derminator 2.0 is the successor to the original derminator. We gotta admit - it's a pretty great name overall. But what does it do and is it worth the money?

Let's find out:

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The Benefits of the Derminator 2.0

People use the derminator for all sorts of things including:

  • improving acne scaring
  • hair loss and regrowth
  • improved collagen production in the skin
  • diminishing wrinkles and crows feet

Pros & Cons of the Derminator 2.0

The specific Derminator 2.0 has some unique pros and cons including.


  • It's more efficient than a traditional dermaroller.
  • Better consistency due to it being electronic.
  • Choice of 1, 9, or 12 needles.
  • Less tearing because of "punching" instead of "rolling"


  • It hurts like a mofo
  • Difficult shipping
  • Some complaints online about the owners being rude.

How much does the derminator 2.0 cost?

The derminator 2.0 costs $199 and ships from the Czech Republic.

Due to covid - some of the shipping times remain extremely long. However, we found - that despite this being a bit annoying -the team is quite good about making sure the product either arrives or is replaced if it doesn't.

Buy The Derminator 2.0 here

Due to COVID - some shipping times may be delayed.

Derminator 2.0 Discount Codes

There aren't any derminator discount codes that we are currently aware of.

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The Derminator 2.0


The derminator is possibly the leading derma roller for skin and hair health in the world. However, it is a bit difficult to order. We dive in to tell you exactly what to expect.



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