The Best Sauna Blankets in 2023

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The Best Sauna Blankets in 2023

You asked for it – so we’re bringing you yet another MoveWell product roundup.

These are the best sauna blankets of 2023. Whether you’re on a budget or you just like the coziness and convenience of a sauna blanket over a more traditional sauna tool.

These sauna blankets are much more affordable than a traditional sauna route and are more practical if you’re living in an urban environment – so let’s dive right in and find out the winners.

Sauna Blanket Quick Picks

Best Overall: Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

Runner Up: MiHigh

Low EMF: Hydragun

Portable: Reviiv

Budget: Coming soon

Why Trust MoveWell

MoveWell is the leader in the movement and mobility space. We have reviewed hundreds of high end recovery product and only choose the best.

What is an Infrared Sauna Blanket

An infrared sauna blanket is a type of portable sauna. Usually these are popular because they are cheaper priced and more portable than a traditional sauna – that usually requires outdoor space as well.

An infrared sauna blanket on the other hand is like a high tech sleeping bag. Instead of just a sleeping bag though – a sauna blanket heats up via infrared (like a normal infrared sauna) and allows you to get some of the benefits of a sauna without having to deal with the space issues that come alone with it.

How Sauna Blankets Work

Coming Soon

Benefits of a Sauna Blanket

Our Top 5 Sauna Blankets

Okay, we’ll get right into it. Here’s our top 5 sauna blankets on the market in 2023 and why we picked them.

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

The higher dose sauna blanket is the market leader in the space. With just 10 minutes of prep time – you can jump into your higher dose sauna blanket

They also have a great 30 day money back guarantee – so if you’re unsure about it – you can always try it for free.

Price: $599

Best for: Overall use.

→ Read our entire review of the higher dose sauna blanket here.


Coming in at $100 cheaper than Higher Dose – the miHigh is a rock solid alternatives.

We like the look of this one maybe the best out of all of them. MiHigh ships in 3-8 days so you don’t have to wait around forever.

They also come with a 30 day guarantee if you want to test it out before committing long term.

Price: $499

Best: Runner up.

→ Read our entire review of the higher dose sauna blanket here.


Only available on Amazon – this is a cheaper iteration of the versions we’ve already talked about. While it’s listed at $459.99 – it’s usually available for about $100 cheaper.

If you’re looking at a mid-range model – this is likely what you’re going to land on.

The benefits of buying on Amazon is that it ships instantly and you can also set up payments with some of Amazon’s payment financing options if you need help breaking up the payments.

Price: $359

Best: Portable option (also on Amazon)

→ Buy the Riviiv Sauan Blanket het

Hydragun HeatPod

The hydragun heated is a new(ish) entrant to the marketplace. Made of a “vegan leather” – they’re a bit different feel than others on the list.

However, the tech is rock solid, the product looks good and will fold up nicely so you don’t have to be hanging it out when you’re not using it around the house.

At the time of writing – they do seem to have some shipping and inventory issues – but that looks like a temporary issue.

Price: $499

→ Buy the Hydrogen Heated Sauna Blanket here

Considerations for Sauna Blanket Owners

The one thing you need to consider about sauna blankets is that they can require more cleaning than other standard sauna products on the market.

You should also consider the EMF output of a sauna blanket – as you don’t want to be bombarding yourself with a billion EMF frequencies just because you’re trying to sauna.

A sauna blanket is not for everyone, but if you’re low on space or need a portable option – it might be a good choice for you.

Sauna Blanket Alternatives

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