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RomWod Alternatives

What’s a good alternative to ROMWOD?

Chances are – if you’re reading this – that’s a question that’s going through your head. And – don’t worry – you’re in the right place.

We have an entire post dedicated to the ROMWOD alternatives out there (free and paid), so you’ll find something that fits your movement and mobility needs.

Our biggest critique of ROMWOD – it’s just a workout. Any serious athlete will tell you there’s a difference between working out and training. ROMWOD is a daily workout.

There’s nothing wrong with that – but as we mentioned – if you’re reading this – you’re probably looking for an alternative.

So here’s the list of ROMWOD alternatives out there that you might be interested in trying out.


MoveWell is a routine based coaching app designed to not just give you a movement to do every day or access to a library vault of instructions – but to give a prescription-level routines focused on your specific issues.

  • Prepping for squat day? We’ve got a routine for that.
  • Gearing up for a long-run this weekend? We’ve got you cocvered.
  • Need a little something for your daily mobility work? You can count on us.

MoveWell Pros

  • Prescription focused routines to focus on your needs
  • Content designed for elite athletes and everyday people.
  • Members-only content
  • Competitively priced @ $9/month.

MoveWell Cons

  • Less content than other apps (but adding quickly)
  • No expensive sponsored athlete contracts to drive the price of the app up.

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Mobility WOD

In short, MobilityWOD has great tutorials and the guy who started it all – is a boss – but it’s not all Kelly anymore and most of the videos are available on youtube.

You can see the full writeup we did here on alternatives to Mobility WOD here.



  • Solid branding + marketing team
  • Tons of sponsored athletes (especially crossfit ones)
  • Daily released content


  • It’s very-crossfit focused
  • It’s general mobility and does not take into account your personal needs.
  • At $14/month – it’s $5 more expensive than MobilityWOD.

In short – ROMWOD is popular with many elite athletes due to their sponsorship. While they have good content, it is almost entirely crossfit-focused and may be difficult if you’re not Crossfit obsesses.

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