Dermapen Microneedling Device - 2023 Review

Dermapen Microneedling Device - 2023 Review

Joel Runyon

You might have heard of the dermapen treatment at a local medspa, but what’s the tech behind this treatment, how can you use it for best results and can you get it at home? Let’s find out.

What’s is a DermaPen

A dermapen is a professional medspa level device that’s used in microneeddling treatments - in lieu of derma rolling.

This is a medical grade device not available to the general public - as Dermapen only sells to licensed medical practitioners.

For at home use, consider an alternative like Dr. Pen.

How to use a Dermapen

A derma pen is used by setting the depth and then slowly moving the pen over the area of skin that you’re desiring to treat.

The pen will cause micro injuries which stimulates collagen production and can result in smoother skin and potentially stimulate hair regrowth.

Because you are actually causing injury to the treatment areas - you should be careful to not do this too often and allow your skin to properly heal post-treatment so you can get the most out of each treatment.

Failing to let your body heal between treatments may actually cause opposite effects.

Dermapen provides free training to professional users who buy their package. This is part of why the cost is so high for their professional starter packages.

DermaPen Costs

The dermapen comes in a starter package starting at $2995 and scales up to $3995 and even $5995. There are additional add-on products.

While this might be the most expensive micro needling device we’ve seen on the market - it is targeted primarily for salon owners and estheticians - not for home use.

A dermapen treatment will something run $80-$200 for a treatment at a professional salon - although prices may vary.

Where To Buy A Dermapen

You can only buy a derma pen directly on their website here.

They do not sell to the general public - see their notice here

We only sell microneedling devices to medical practitioners and licensed skin care professionals.

DermaPen Before & After

We will be publishing some derma pen before & after photos here soon.

Alternatives to Dermapen

Other alternatives to the derma pen you might want to consider:

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Ease of use:


Dermapen Microneedling Device - 2023 Review




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