Dr Pen – Microneedling & Derma Roller Device Review

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What Is the Dr. Pen Device?

Dr. Pen is a microneedling device desgined to help imrpoved collagen production, repair scars and skin wounds as possibly help improve hair growth and regrowth.

Dr. Pen is a brand that has a series of microneedling devices designed to help you perform salon style quality micronedling from the comfort of your home. Most of the products are under $300 – which is a nice bonus.

What Is MIcroneedling?

Microneedling is the process of creating small micro injuries in your skin in order to stimulate collagen production and your skin’s natural healing process.

You can read more about derma rolling in our guide here.

The Dr. Pen Product Lineup

THe lineup is listed liek a 007 operation – all Ms across the board.


M8 is the premiere device. It’s the best of hte best and proably the one you want to use if you’re serious about microneeddling.


Coming soon


This was the original younger sibling. This is a great entry level device, but is much smaller than it’s older siblings.

Pros & Cons of Dr. Pen

Here’s a quick run down of dr. pen.


Hyper portable and easy to travel with.

Easily adjust needle depth from .5mm to 2.5mm

No pulling or tearing of skin like derma rollers.


Can be painful sometimes (as are all microneedling device

Minor: the pen colorways seem to be aimed at women and salon owners – so men using it for hair regrowth might find it annoying.

The FDA clearance on these devices is unknown at the moment.

Where To Buy

You can buy Dr. Pen devices on their site here.

Alternatives to Dr. Pen

There’s a few alternatives to Dr. Pen we’ve reviewed

  • The dermapen
  • The derminator

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