Tricep Stretch

Your triceps are some of the most underrated muscles in your body. Located in the back of the upper arms region (under the biceps), your triceps are actually the most powerful muscles in your arms. They control your elbow’s straightening and extension, and lend their strength to any and all pushing movements. From performing the bench press to opening a door, it’s always in your best interests to keep this triple-headed muscle group flexible and pain-free.

Stretching your triceps should be done either before or right after a workout session. It will not only increase mobility, but assist you in lifting heavier weights with a reduced chance of injury. Stretching will also increase blood flow to the region and diminish any feelings of tightness that may occur.

The Triceps Stretch is a fantastic movement to try. All you need is either a nice length of PVC pipe, resistance band, or even a towel to perform it. Try doing the Tricep Stretch 2-3 times per week, especially if you feel stiffness in this area or engage in sports that place heavy demands on the upper arms.

How to perform a Tricep Stretch

tricep stretch demo using pole

Find a piece of PVC piping, broom handle, or any other long piece of material about 3-4 feet in length.

Stand up straight with your neck and spine erect and your feet shoulder-width apart.

Grab the length of pipe at the bottom then flip it upside down behind your head so your hand is now at the top, your thumb facing down towards the floor and the pipe is now pointing straight down the length of your spine. Your elbow should be bent and pointed up towards the ceiling.

Now take your other free hand and with the top of your hand facing towards your lower back, grab the bottom of the pipe.

Using both hands, lift the pipe in a straight up and down motion along the length of your spine. You should feel a good burn in your tricep region.

Reverse the position for both your hands and repeat the same movement.

Tricep Stretch video demonstration

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