The Starter Beard Growth Kit

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The Starter Beard Growth Kit

All right. So you’re trying to looksmaxx and mastered your mewing / jaw game, you’ve realized your beard games is a zero.

While shaving can be a headache for some guys – we understand the desire to want to have the option to shave if you could.

The good news is you don’t have to be doomed to your genetics. You can start working on your best beard today with our DIY beard growth kit.

Best of all, because we’re not a beard company – we don’t have any overpriced junk to sell you and can be honest about what works and what doesn’t.

So let’s stop wasting some time and get into it. Here’s our recommended roll-it-yourself beard growth kit that you can put together yourself

The DIY Beard Growth Kit

If you’re looking to build out your beard growth to match the rest of your gains, here’s what we recommend for hundreds and hundreds of dudes.

Now, we can’t promise you god-tier viking beard results – there are good studies and good anecdotes backing up this protocol. It’s also – much cheaper than what most brands will run ya.

A Derma Roller (Derminator 2.0)

A derma roller is a tool used to punch holes in your scalp or other parts of your skin. It’s used to generated healing and promote recovery and hair growth.

While derma rolling on the scalp – you’d usually go 1.5mm deep, you likely want to experiment with this yourself and probably use a shorter depth on your beard area – or wherever you desire to grow hair. You can probably experiment with this at .5 to 1mm depths safely.

While you can get a cheap dermaroller on amazon – most of them actually roll – which means that they puncture the skin at an angle and potentially cause tearing in some situations – which can lead to scarring.

derminator 2.0 via MoveWell

Instead, you can also get a Derminator 2.0 – which is a medical grade tool designed to make the punctures directly and set the depth automatically. This is used in dermatologists offices often and is (In your opinion) the best option here if you’re serious about your beard gains.

It’s the most expensive part of the beard growth kit, but if you’re going to be punching holes in your face – you probably want to make sure you don’t leave scars – so it’s worth it in our opinion. It’s basically the cost of like 2-3 high end haircuts – so if you can get a beard upgrade for that cost – that’s a good value in our opinion.

→ Get the Derminator here.

→ You can read our entire Derminator 2.0 review here.

Minoxidil 5%

You’ve probably heard of Minoxidil previously as “Rogaine” and while it’s typically used for topical use on your scalp – it can also be used on your face to induce beard growth.

One of the interesting things about minoxidil use is that while traditionally – if you stop using it – the minoxidil dependent hairs will likely stop growing.

Minoxidil is generally cheap and both the name-brand Rogaine and generic are the same product – so you can get whatever fits your budget.

→ Buy 5% Minoxidil

Utility Beard Oil

One of the important things to do as you grow out your beard is to keep your beard healthy and your underlying skin clean.

We didn’t understand this for a long time, until our good friend – the beard master himself – Eric Bandholz – did us a proper learning.

The difference that beard oil can make on your beard as you grow can be the difference between you growing a soft, amazing beard and cutting it all off in week 2 because it got too damn itchy.

Note – the beard oil won’t necessarily help your beard grow, but it will make sure that it grows healthier and is less annoying and itchy- especially if you’ve never grown a beard before.

→ Get your beard oil from Beard Brand

Note: they have a bunch of great scents, but we recommend Old Money – it’s…well…money.

Optional Add-ons To Your Beard Growth Kit

These next two options may have minimal additional benefits if you’ve got the bases covered, but you can add them to the mix to try and max out your gains.

Oral Castor Oil

Castor oil is typically used in high dosages as a laxative and muscle relaxant – specifically in childbirth.

However, there does seem to be hair growth mechanism due to oral castor oil being a precursor to PGE2 – which seems to improve the proportion of developing early stage hair follicles.

→ Buy food grade oral castor oil on amazon here.

Beard Vitamins

Beard vitamins are typically the first thing that people recommend when it comes to a beard growth protocol – but in our opinion, they are often overpriced and are the last thing we recommend if you really want to boost your beard growth.

You can try these – but we have seen people get much better results from implementing the 90% optimizations we listed out above.

KSI Beard Growth Protocol from MPMD

KSI is one of the biggest YouTubers in the entire world and unfortunately has not-so-great-beard genetics.

Derek at MPMD outlined a beard growth protocol that mimics much of what we’ve already listed out. However, it’s refreshing to know that you don’t have to be doomed with a bad beard just because you were born with it. You can possibly grow your way out of it.

Treat YourSelf: The Beardsman’s Box Kit

You may need to wait until your beard fully grows in, but once it doesn’t, your’e going to need a way to maintain it.

It comes in an epic walnut box and contains 3 hair brushes, beard trimming scissors and 2 smooth beard combs so you can grow your beard out in style.

It’s pricey, and not for everyone, but it’s a nice “treat yourself” addition to give yourself once you’ve reached your beard goals.

→ Check out the Beardsman’s Box from BeardBrand.

Real Life Beard Growth Transformations

The thing is – these aren’t just hypotheticals – it seems like much of this really works. If you don’t believe us – check out some of these transformations real people have posted on Reddit.

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