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Eight Sleep Mattress Review: The Best Temperature Controlled Mattress on the Market?

Joel Runyon

Sleep is one of the best recovery activities you can partake in to start feeling better and performing your best.

Best of all - it’s free. 

But most people aren’t sleeping optimally and science shows that sleeping at a lower temperature and help improve deep sleep & recovery.

Predictably temperature controlled sleep solutions started to flood the market (we’ve reviewed several here before), but a few years ago Eight Sleep jumped onto the scene. 

With their slick branding and twitter-friendly CEO - they became the de-facto sleep brand for the tech space.
But how does the Eight Sleep Mattress stack up when push comes to shove? Is it worth the money and does it live up to the hype? 

Let’s find out:

Eight Sleep Mattress Pros & Cons


Eight sleep is on the of the best cooling mattresses on the market.

The integrated system with the mattress sets Eight Sleep apart from the cooling mattress competitors - which typically just have a cooling mattress topper.

Multi-side controls means you can keep your side of the bed however warm or cold you like.


Eight sleep is focused on sleep performance and cooling. If you’ve never had issues with temperature at night or already sleep like a goddess - you’re probably okay.

If you need significant support - there are firmer mattresses available.

Eight Sleep is expensive - so if you’re looking to save money - there are cheaper options.

The Eight Sleep Mattress Video Review

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The Eight Sleep Mattress

The Eight Sleep Mattress Setup

The Eight Sleep Mattress comes in two boxes. One of for the mattress and one for the cooling tech.

While it takes up a lot of space - it is a full mattress and is the standard for any actual mattress company (vs. the cooling tech companies that just include covers).


The mattress itself is relatively soft, but the entire Eight Sleep mattress apparatus is a mattress plus a cover. The cover seems to make the mattress “firmer” - so while the absolute firmness of the mattress is a 6, the cover makes it feel closer to a 7.5.

Temperature Control

Given that temperature control is how Eight Sleep differentiates itself - this seems pretty important.

Luckily - in this respect - they live up to the hype. The cooling tech along with the actual tech (the ability to control temps on the app) are some of the best in the industry. While other apps seem more like a mattress company built a tech app - Eight Sleep seems more like a tech company that built a mattress.

More on this in a minute in the “eight sleep app review” section.


While we have only had the Eight Sleep mattress for a few weeks - we definitely think it stands up to the test so far. 

We’ll come back with another update in 6 and 12 months here.


We found the Eight Sleep mattress to be pretty quiet. Because it’s an all-foam mattress - this is to be expected vs a more traditional spring mattress.


When mattresses show up - many times they smell for a few days as they let off the “gas” from the foam layers of the mattress. 

These aren’t great, but aren’t harmful and dissipate soon. We found that this lasted no more than 3 days.

The Eight Sleep App


Eight Sleep Shipping

Shipping is free for all Eight Sleep orders - which is nice because the products are huge. We got 2 boxes for the mattress - one for the large mattress and one for the cooling mechanism.

Setup was relatively straightforward and took about 20 minutes. 

Once you have the mattresss and pod setup, you install the eight sleep app and go from there - that was also quick.

The Eight Sleep Mattress Warranty

The Eight Sleep mattress comes with a 10 year warranty for the foam mattress along with a 2 year warranty on the technical cooling part of the mattress.

They also ship for free and let you try it risk-free for 100 nights which is a generous offer that’s become the industry standard.

Promo Code for Eight Sleep

You can use promo code MOVEWELL to save $250 on the eight sleep mattress

You can grab yoru eight sleep mattress here.

The Eight Sleep Pod Cover Review

If you’d like to check out the eight sleep pod cover (and you already have a mattress you like), 

Alternatives to Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep is the leader in the space, but there are other tools out there.

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Eight Sleep Mattress


The Eight Sleep mattress is one of the most advanced cooling mattresses in the space. Find out why.



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