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BPC 157 is a research peptide often used in healing & recovery for muscles & tendons. It’s current for sale from several outlets, but is a banned substance according to WADA.

BPC 157 Quick Info

Formula: C62H98N16O22
Status: Research Peptide
Uses: Healing & recovery
Dosage: 1.6 μg/kg
Legal status: For sale.
WADA status: Banned.
FDA Status: Not approved for standard medicine.
Often Combined with: TB-500

BPC 157 Mechanism of Action

BPC-157 seems to promote nitric oxide synthesis and activates cells involved in tissue repair, stimulating growth and reducing inflammation.

BPC 157 Administration:

BPC-157 is taken orally, topically or via injection. Injection is usually eh most popular route. Oral administration has surprising effects given it would not seem to be usually effective.

Benefits of BPC 157

The primary benefits of BPC 157 revolve around healing and recovery.

BPC 157 Dosage

As it’s a research compound – there are no standardized dosages – but you’d like see 10 μg/kg – which means

  • 110 μg for a 150lb person
  • 145 μg for a 200lb person
  • 180 μg for a 250lb person

Is BPC 157 Legal?

BPC 157 is currently available in the US. It is not approved by the FDA but often available through functional medicine doctors and online retailers.

It is however banned by WADA for doping considerations.

Specific Uses & Concerns

Erectile Dysfunction

Because of BPC-157’s ability to induce Nitric Oxide production – there is some interest in it’s use for erectile dysfunction, but this area needs more studies.

There is some concern about BPC-157 in relation to cancer, but we don’t have any studies at this point in time to make a statement one way or the other.

Where to buy BPC 157

You can typically buy BPC 157 online at various outlets. There are also administered by local functional medicine doctors.

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