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How Mouth Tape Can Transform Your Sleep

Updated on:
August 13, 2021
Joel Runyon

In this article, we'll explore the potential health benefits of mouth-taping on a variety of sleep related conditions: snoring, sleep apnea and allergies.

What even is mouth tape?

It's as simple as it sounds, this is an at home technique which involves taping the mouth when you sleep, that real is it.

As the theory goes, forcing the mouth shut at night and during sleep, you will breathe through your nose by default, thereby avoiding issues associated with mouth breathing.

Breathing is actually... very important and studies continue to reinforce the value of correct and deliberate breathing in both healthy people and even those with chronic conditions.

Ensuring that you have the correct breathing while you sleep is vital for high quality rest and well-being, and a mounting body of evidence suggests incorrect breathing is leading to a whole host of sleep related conditions.

First things first: what are the benefits of nasal breathing?

Ever heard the British insult 'mouth breather'?

It's an odd one, but it strikes an important idea here: breathing through the mouth is bad.

When you breathe correctly through the nose you actually end up with a whole host of benefits:

  • Nasal breathing helps keep your sinuses clear
  • You significantly decrease your chance of snoring
  • Nasal breathing even raises your blood oxygen saturation or SpO2
  • As well as balancing out the PH levels found in your mouth, associated with a range of chronic mouth conditions

If that doesn't pique your interest, you may be surprised to find out that mouth breathing is associated with a whole host of serious conditions such as:

  • Asthma
  • Teeth grinding and TMJ
  • Dry mouth
  • Sleep apnea

As well as potentially more serious conditions like: hypertension (high blood pressure) and increased heart rate.

How to get started with Mouth Taping

So, you're keen to try it out.. before you just get a roll of duct tape out and go to town, it's worth taking a couple of steps to prepare.

1. Consider applying vaseline or other jelly product to your lips before taping them - this will help with irritation.

It may be worth shaving also if you have lots of facial hair.. ouch!

2. Place the tape across your mouth horizontally, covering the whole lips and ensuring a good seal.

Important - it's worth trying this out for an hour or two while awake to see how it feels, anything which feels constrictive or uncomfortable around breathing at night can't be very unpleasant.

Where can I buy mouth tape?

Glad you asked.. there are a range of specialist mouth tapes available for purchase now.

Head over to our equipment section to find one from you.

Joel Runyon

Joel is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE and the founder of MoveWell. Joel founded MoveWell after sustaining an injury while running an ultra marathon on every continent. Joel is writes about mobility, pain management and health and wellness overall.

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