Lower Back Stretches

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Feel that pain in your lower back? The scientific term for it is lumbago, but you’re probably feeling it because you’re sitting down all day. Whether you’re new to remote work or you’re a veteran – having good posture at work and home is essential if you’re going to feel your best.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite lower back stretches to help you work out the pain and feel better.

If you’re feeling like you need coverage across your entire back, check our our back stretches page as well.

Learning the stretches is the easy part. Doing the stretches is the hard part.

How to be Consistent with Lower Back Pain Stretching

When I got hurt a few years back, I had to do months of rehab. I hated it so much – not only because it was a bit slow and boring, but I also had to make up new routines all the time and I didn’t have anyone to “coach” me.

As a result, I actually end up building an app – MoveWell – designed to help with lower back pain and help fix a lot of those issues.

Within movewell, dependong on what’s hurting – y0u can choose a routine and then do it over and over and make sure you stick with it.

If your lower back is hurt – we have a routine for that. If it’s something else, we probably have a routine for that.

It’s simple, it’s mobile and the only person standing in the way of fixing your back, is you.

Whatever it is – doing it once might help immediately, but won’t fix the underlying issue. However, if you stick with it, day after day, you’ll find that your muscles get stronger and your pain (especially in your back) will lessen.

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