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Relax The Back

So your back needs some relaxing, eh? If you’re like most people – you may have tight hips or a tight lower (and upper) back from sitting down all day.

Here’s the definitive guide to helping you “relax the back.”

How to Relax The Back Naturally

First of all, there’s several ways to relax the back.

The first is to do simply practice regular stretchingproper body mechanics and biomechanics. 

Getting a regular massage is an easy-to-schedule way to make sure you’re always feeling your best and regularly working on the tight areas of your body.

Finally, CBD oil is also known to help relax tight muscles and improve pain related to lower back and overly tight muscles.

The “Relax The Back” Brand

A company has taken advantage of people looking for to create some cool back relaxing products.

These products (to be honest) are crazy expensive, but also – if you have chronic back pain or lumbago – may be a better move than living each day in agony.

They sell tempur pedic brand mattresses, office furniture and other massage chairs and tools to help relieve back stress and help you “relax the back” – pretty fitting name, huh?

There are two products from Relax the Back that are their best sellers. 

Relax The Back Zero Gravity Chair

Price: $2,599


The zero gravity recliner is supposed to relieve back pain with memory foam and a massage powered head pillow to help you reach a deep level of relaxation.

Not only are the construction materials comfortable, but the chair itself allows you to achieve Zero Gravity position so you can easily remove stress from your body and relax harder.

→ You can get the Zero Gravity recliner here.

Relax The Back Inversion Table

Price $530


The inversion table is supposed to help leave back stress by flipping you upside down and letting gravity help stretch you back out. 

This model has an easier way to get in and out of the inversion table – which makes it easier to use and more comfortable to lie in.

→ You can get the inversion table here.

Cheaper Ways To Relax The Back

If you don’t want to go all out and spend $2,000 on a recliner, there are cheaper ways you can start to begin to relax the back.

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